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Rhonda Posey from Texas:

Tom Bresnahan from Florida:

Gary Snook from Montana:

Melanie and Ms. Tish
Melanie Lamb and Ms. Tish (Photo: Sheila Kalkbrenner)

Here is Sheila's story:


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C.K. has Arachnoiditis, which is NOT a fear of spiders! The only way Arachnoiditis (a/k/a Chemically Induced Spinal Meningitis) can be transmitted is by a doctor's hand. It has been described as 'the pain of cancer without the release of death,' is incurable, and although doctors and other caregivers rarely disclose it, is often the result of an Epidural Injection with the use of DepoMedrol – neither of which are FDA approved for treatment of chronic pain.

It took C.K. seven years to get a diagnosis, as is the problem with most victims of this vicious disease. She was accused by physicians of being a drug addict, a "drama queen' and in need of 'more attention.' Arachniacs often lose the support of family and close friends because of those false accusations. Finally, one of the orthopedic surgeons she was seeing ordered a simple MRI, from which it was noted she had 'moderate to severe arachnoiditis.' 

The reason there is such a problem getting Arachnoiditis diagnosed is the lack of full disclosure from the physicians who administer Epidurals and/or do back surgeries where something goes awry. The symptoms of Arachnoiditis are overwhelming and very clear to any diagnosing caregiver. So "what's the problem?" you ask. As one prominent, very honest doctor recently phrased it:"Doctors don't rat out other doctors." Sad, but true.


Presently, despite continuing physical deterioration from the disease, C.K. belongs to a private, closed group of professionals who are Arachniacs as well. ASAP (Arachnoiditis Society for Awareness and Prevention) is dedicated to getting the news of Arachnoiditis, Epidurals and Depomedrol  out into the world. As patient advocates for ASAP, C.K. and the other members lobby Congress, the news media and through social media anyone who will pay attention regarding the danger involved with any procedure in which "needle" and "spine" are in the same sentence. Through the hard work of Dennis J. Capolongo, director of the END DEPO-NOW CAMPAIGN (EDNC) in Washington DC, with the cooperation from ASAP and its membership, THE DOCTOR OZ SHOW did a most informative episode regarding this tragic and desperate situation. Please take a moment to watch this video for further information.

Part 1

William Morgan DC, respected Chiropractor who works at Bethesda's Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, recently wrote the following article on ESI's and Arachnoiditis:
Misunderstood and underreported, arachnoiditis can result from routine medical procedures and leave patients permanently incapacitated. Arachnoiditis is a neuropathic malady that affects the arachnoid layer of the meninges. A more severe type of arachnoiditis is adhesive arachnoiditis. Adhesive arachnoiditis results in scarring and adhesions within the meninges. Additionally, it compresses the nerve rootlets within the thecal sac and can cause nerves to   adhere to one another. While described as a rare condition, it has become evident to me that there is no clear tracking method for this disease and that many cases may go undiagnosed. Since many doctors are not familiar with this condition, it may be mistaken for other conditions such as disc extrusions, cauda equina syndrome, failed back surgery or multiple sclerosis.  Read more...
Stories from people who suffer from Arachnoiditis
Tom Bresnahan suffers from arachnoiditis caused by Epidural Steroid Injection with the harmful steroid Depo-Medrol:

  Walt Davis suffers with arachnoiditis but not sure of the cause, so just post that he is an arachnoiditis sufferer whose life has been devastated following invasive spinal procedures:

Dawn's Story: Disabled by an Epidural

Dawn GonzalezJune 12th, 2014 by Dawn Gonzalez
Every morning is the same. I wake up to the searing pain of being in one position too long. I'm trapped this way, my body paralyzed, until I can painfully begin to straighten my muscles that have been in solid cramps and spasms all night.

When will the day come where they don't straighten anymore? Is today the day?

Sometimes I just cry.


Gary Snook's and Terri Anderson's stories:

Injections left two Bitterroot Valley patients with intense back pain

Terri Anderson used to be a civil engineer who could walk 20 miles a day.

Today she's doing very well to be able to walk around the block.

Gary Snook and his brother built a successful construction business that worked on major buildings in western Montana. He was someone who never got sick, not even a cold.

Today he lives with constant pain.

BBC Points West Interview with Ron Sheppard on Arachnoiditis Campaign 08 July 2014
Adhesive Arachnoiditis Part 1: Clinical Description, By Forest Tennant, MD, DrPH
Arachnoiditis is a rare, but extremely debilitating, chronic pain condition caused by injury to the arachnoid layer of the spinal cord. The goal of treatment is to improve a patient's function and quality of life by alleviating (but not eliminating) symptoms, especially pain. Read more...