*Rules & Help*

*Rules & Help*

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*Rules & Help*

Postby Keeping The Peace » Sat Jul 31, 2010 12:10 am


Welcome to the new Switzerland and hopefully everyone remembers the rules from our previous home.
For those new to the “Land of Swiss” I will try to inform you of them:

1) Jump in and join the conversation, but be respectful of others that are also posting here.
2) This forum is first and foremost a place for everyone to post their thoughts and opinions about their favorite and least favorite Football teams and players. This certainly is not the only topics that are discussed here as was the same in our previous venue.
3) There are many more options available here than were available in the previous venue and may take some ”getting used to.”
4) Some of those will be listed in a quick reference here in this thread. There is a FAQ link at the top of the page also.
5) There are always consequences for those that feel the need to abuse the rules, some of which are; warnings/time-outs/banning. All “IP” addresses are logged as are every posting to this forum.
6) We have set up Private email for everyone to use at this point and let it be known that the only people that can read it, are you and the recipient. Email privileges can be removed from anyone at anytime. Harassing others via this method will not be tolerated. All posts and private emails can be reported instantly with the “report” icon.

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