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For those of you that have asked for a spell-check function, let me give you a tip to use most anywhere on the Internet while in your browser.
Most all of us these days use Googleas our search tool of choice as it far exceeds its nearest competitor. If you have not yet installed the Google Toolbaron your browser, (IE or Firefox) I would do so and take advantage of all the capabilities it offers. Once you have downloaded and installed it, you can then follow the easy directions for setting just the functions you wish to be on your browser. With the Spell-check feature installed, just click on it anytime and most anywhere you are typing and it will offer you the correct spelling options.

Note: for those that feel Google is in the “Big Brother” mode and don’t wish to use it, Firefox has a built in spell-check function although doesn’t seem to work in as many text boxes as does the Google version.

You can also download a program called “IESpell” that will work with IE browsers.
http://download.cnet.com/ieSpell/3000-1 ... 08550.html

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