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Postby Keeping The Peace » Wed Apr 01, 2015 2:57 am


When you wish to add an image to one of your posts, follow these instructions:

First, look down to the bottom of the post where you are typing. You will see two tabs, "Options" and "Upload attachment."

You will want to click on the "Upload attachment" tab, then click on the "Choose File" button. Once you do that, it will open a window on your computer for you to choose the file you wish to upload.
(You need to already have the image on your own computer in order to upload it) Choose the image and press "Enter" or just DBL-Click and it will bring you back to the post.

Then you want to click the "Add the file" button. If you click the "Preview" button, it will show you the image that you have chosen above. If that is what you were trying to add, click the "Place inline" button, and it will add the image code to the post. You will see the image in your preview window how it will be displayed.

If that is how you want it, just press the "Submit" button, and it will upload your post. If you want to change the order of where the photo is, you can just re-order the "attachment" code in the text of your post and it will re-orient it to that spot. (highlight the attachment code including the brackets then cut the text and re-paste it where you want it) To do this in Windows it is "ctrl + X" and in Mac it is "cmd + X" and it will dissapear. You then go to wherever you wish the image to be in the post and paste the "attachment code" that is now in your clipboard to that location. "ctrl + V" for Windows & "cmd + V" for Mac.

Then you want to press the "Preview" button and it will show you how it will look when posted. If that is how you wanted it, just click the "Submit" button, and you're good to go!

This will become second nature to you in no time, if you didn't know how to do it already.

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