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Postby Keeping The Peace » Tue Jun 22, 2010 2:09 am


"Smail" is short for Swiss-Mail for those of you that were not aware. Our Smail here is called "Private Messages" (PM) and can be accessed easily by just clicking on the appropriate icon underneath the users avatar while posting. You can also use this by clicking > User Control Panel > Private messages > Enter persons username in the Compose message box > Enter something in the Subject box (You must specify a subject when composing a new message) > Then enter your message > click "Submit"

Note: you can add users to your friends list which will make it easier to add them in the Compose message box with just a click of the "Add" button next to the name.

Note: the message will sit in your "outbox" until the recipient reads it. There is nothing wrong with the mail system, it just shows you that it has not been read yet.

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