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Postby Keeping The Peace » Sun Jun 20, 2010 11:35 am


The limitation currently is an image of maximum size of 90 x 90 pixels. If you already know how to make an image of that size, simply click on: User Control Panel > Profile > Edit avatar > Browse button > (opens a box to choose an image from your computer) Select image > Click Open in the box > Click Submit

For those of you that don’t have or know how to make an avatar of that size image:

On a PC you can use *Microsoft Office Picture Manager* to easily do the job. Open Start > All Programs > Microsoft Office > Microsoft Office Tools > Select Image to edit > click Edit Pictures (top of toolbar) > click Resize (right side of page) > under Custom width x height: enter 90 x 90 > click “OK” button below > click File (top left on tool bar) > choose Save as.. > then name it what you want > click save > (follow the instructions above for uploading it)

you may wish to crop your picture to a square format before resizing it, if so you can do that with the same program. After you have selected your image > click Edit Pictures (top of toolbar) > choose Crop (right side of page) > move the markers into a square format for the area that you would like to use > click OK button (then follow previous steps)

If you already have it on your computer and want to use a short cut:

1. On your computer, locate the picture you want to work with.
2. Right-click the picture.
3. From the menu, select Open With, then click Microsoft Office Picture Manager

If you do not have “Microsoft Office Picture Manager” already on your computer, another good free editor is IrfanView. You can download it safely at this link > http://www.irfanview.com/main_download_engl.htm it is a very good multipurpose program that lets you do many different tasks.

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