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*Formatting your post*

Postby Keeping The Peace » Thu Apr 09, 2015 10:43 am


There are many options available to you for creating your own style to your posts. The following is what they are and what they do for those that may be new to this way of adding a bit of customization to their post. These are some of the ones you can use:

1) "B" is for making the text "BOLD"
2) "i" is for making the text "italic"
3) "u" is for making the text "underlined"
4) "Quote" is for making text quoted, it will create a box with large quote marks in it and the text that you wish to quote.

Tip: if you just click the "quote" button on an existing post, it will open it in a new post for you to reply to. What you need to be aware of is, this will quote all existing replies that may have already replied to the original comment. It will present them in a "nested" format from the first to the last. (up to 5) So if you use this quote button, just remember that it will show all the previous replies if that is what you want.

You can also adjust what will be seen by "dragging you cursor" across the text you do not wish to keep and highlighting it, then just delete it. That will leave only what will be seen once you hit your submit button. "Important" you need to leave the original, first and last quote tag including the (brackets and text) for the username you're quoting for this to work that way. It may sound a bit confusing, but it can be a quicker option for those that get the hang of it.

5) "List" is for making the text you're writing be displayed in a list format. So if you are writing somethings that you wish to be displayed that way, you can just click the "List" button and type what you want on the first line. Then when you are done typing and want it to start on another line with a space between the last, just hit the "List" button again and continue typing. That is the function of it, however for myself I just type and then hit the enter key a couple of times. I don't really use this button, just wanted to explain it's purpose.

6) "Img" is for making an image add to your post. By clicking the "Img" button and then pasting in the URL from an image you wish to link to, it will then show in your post. (500 pxl max)
NOTE: see the *Posting Images* topic in the "Peaceful Corner" forum for additional information on posting an image from your computer.
viewtopic.php?f=4&t=262 <--

7) "URL" is for making a clickable link to an Internet location.

8) "Normal" drop down list is for changing the size of your text.
You can go smaller or larger by selecting the size you wish.

9) "Font colour" is for changing the color of the txt you select. When you click on the button, it will open a color palet for you to choose from. You then just click on the color you wish and it will add the tag to your selected text.

TIP: For all of these options make sure you highlight the appropriate text that you want to affect first before selecting the option. That way it will affect "ONLY" that part of your text and not the entire post. (unless that is what you wish to happen)

For instance, if you typed your post and wanted the entire thing to be Blue and Bold, just highlight your full post then click the "B" and press the "Font Colour" button and click on the version of Blue that you wish and that's it.

It's always a good idea to hit the "Preview" button at the bottom of your post to see if it is the way that you wanted it to look before you hit "Submit"

I hope this helps you get a bit more acquainted with the features of adjusting your text here.

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